After taking the 2 years course of IB Visual Arts, I thought I would be actually sick of drawing or creating pieces.
Surprisingly, I am still drawing on a sketch book. Mostly, everyday.
Originally, I was inspired by a younger guy who dreams to goto a Art College next year.
Even though I am going to an plain, non-art college, I thought “effort” can lead me to something at the end product in my life.
Thus, I started drawing sketches and re-expressing my emotions like I used to do.

Here are some sketches/ drawings that I have been drawing:
✱ No One Gives a Sh*t
✱ Suck it  ↑
✱ boys just wanna have fun.
✱ Be Unique
✱ Loco Loca
✱ Ur Choice, Ur Future
✱ B*tch

I have been also contributing my art to my work. Since June, I have been working at a retail store of KEEN FOOTWEAR, where they sell outdoor footwear gear. While retailing shoes to customers, I have been drawing on the walls of the store, promoting and designing the atmosphere of the store itself. It has been a real joy, I am really enjoying it.

Designed and Drawn by Hifumi. F


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