What is ART?


Art is one of the ways to express emotions and feelings of the artist(s), which can be interpreted differently though the observer(s). Art is really hard to determine weather the piece is “good” or “bad.” Art that can attract people from other pieces are pieces that are unique and new. Sometimes new art can be found “ugly.”  A famous painter Jackson Pollock who presented a new style of art strongly gives an example of pieces that are ugly. Art can be presented in a traditional form: the realistic painting skills, the ordinary canvas, and the ordinary composition. Although these pieces are now days not impressive compared to the old days. The present art critics are looking for originality, and new ideas that can impress them as observers. Yet, pieces that are created without emotion and passion tend to be expressed though their art, which does not really attracts attention from the observers.

As a conclusion, I personally think that Art is something that can be easily created by anyone, in anywhere- There is no right or wrong, good or bad.
Whereas, good art can be determined by the observers, feeling and being able to interpret the artist’s feeling and emotion though their art piece(s).   


Jackson Pollock Blue Poles: Number II (http://www.original.rolandcollection.com/rolandcollection/images/stills/34-482B.gif)


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