Skrillex- Bangarang


I feel that not only paintings and sculptures are “art.” In this social network world, videos and music are also a way to express emotions and uniqueness to observers.
This is a music video of Skrillex, one of the famous artist in the “Dubstep” genre these days. Dubstep is a distorted music made by computer effects and other technologies that we have today. Some people claims that Dubstep is not music, since it has a lot of distortion and unique beats and sounds.
I think that Dubstep represents the present state of the world, being distorted in many ways, which expresses the irony of the social life that we have. Like in the music video, it shows the corruption of the society and the bad influence that little kids get these days, which could also interpreted as a warning music to the world.

There are many perspective towards Dubstep music, although I believe that it is a new type of music that was created to represent our present life style in the society.


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