Barry Godber- “Court of the Crimson King” (1969)



One of the most famous CD album cover of the Crimson King’s “Court of the Crimson King”(1969).The cover is strange, yet has a powerful impact to the people during at that time. The artist was a computer programmer and the piece that he created was the only album cover he painted. He died at the age of 24, yet the album cover is still known and famous after over a 30 years time.
From this piece there was impact and the energy that I got from the painting that he created. Although there are many artist who draws realistic paintings out the world, the total layout of the painting and the impact that I got from it was huge.The unrealistic skin tone of the figure, the angle of the figure in the composition, and the liveness of the painting itself attracted me.
Feeling the energy from the piece was effective for me and therefore, I decided to choose this piece to put it in the museum.

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