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Kenneth Cappello- Photography


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Cappello’s photography expresses emotion of the models yet since he mostly work for advertises, it gives the commercializing appeal to the observers. The simplicity and the natural shots of the models appeals that his photography is one of my favorite pieces of art.


Picasso’s Blue Period- Women With Crossed Arms



This piece by Picasso truly expresses the sadness and the depression in his emotion during the time, influenced after his death of his friend committing suicide. Melancholy and resignation characterize Picasso’s blue period.

Skrillex- Bangarang


I feel that not only paintings and sculptures are “art.” In this social network world, videos and music are also a way to express emotions and uniqueness to observers.
This is a music video of Skrillex, one of the famous artist in the “Dubstep” genre these days. Dubstep is a distorted music made by computer effects and other technologies that we have today. Some people claims that Dubstep is not music, since it has a lot of distortion and unique beats and sounds.
I think that Dubstep represents the present state of the world, being distorted in many ways, which expresses the irony of the social life that we have. Like in the music video, it shows the corruption of the society and the bad influence that little kids get these days, which could also interpreted as a warning music to the world.

There are many perspective towards Dubstep music, although I believe that it is a new type of music that was created to represent our present life style in the society.

Andy Warhol- Self Portrait in Drag,1981



This is a self portrait photography of a famous artist Andy Warhol, known as a famous screen printing artist during the 80s. The piece absolutely describes the character himself, being a homo-sexual. I feel that the true Warhol is expressed in this piece, since most of the pieces that he creates are artificial and for commercializing products. He seems to let his own self shown in this piece which I thought it was a rare case for Andy Warhol’s pieces.

Hanoch Piven- Kim Jong Il


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This portrait of Kim Jong Il represents the person itself: the use of misiles for the eyes, the mushroom that he’s holding and the lock that is used for his mouth.
This artist uses real materials to portray people and describe who they are, and what they do in the real life.

I believe that this portrait expresses the artist’s creativeness and the emotion that he wants to represent in his pieces. Although I feel that the uniqueness over takes the expressionism in this piece compared to other artists that I have chose to put on in my museum.

Hifumi Fujii- “Professeur-s”


(© Hifumi Fujii)

This piece is inspired by Jackson Pollock, who created a new type of art where they splatter and dripping paint on a plain canvas. I decided to create the random splatters of paint by throwing paper towels that wer soaked by paint. The concept of this pieces is originated to express my frustrations towards my education, and the madness of my life. I think that it is clearly shown how I feel. Yet, is it clearly simple and easy, I feel that this is one of my pieces that I was able to show my emotion on my piece. The simplicity represents the clear and short message of my emotion to the observer compared to my other complex pieces.

Jean- Michel Basquiat- Mona Lisa 1983


Basquiat produced some work imitating a classic piece from DaVinchi’s “Mona Lisa.” We can see the randomness and the surrealism in this painting due to the numbers and the words that he writes on. The face is distorted and can be interpreted as a kid’s painting, creating originality to the painting that he created.

During that time, the art critiques commented on how his arts were not traditional and makes it interesting for them, defining his art work as the “modern art.”
On the other hand, some critique disagreed and state that it was just an art, that was random and untraditional.Basquiat states that:
“I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.”
The words and the attitude of his concluded him making famous and well known as an Neo-expressionist, and a first black artist to succeed in the all-white dominated art world.
As I reseached about this author, I can say that he pieces cannot be compared to Monet nor Leonardo DaVinchi’s painting skills. Although there is something that attracts people to get interested in his art. During the time when he was active, it was the start of the modern art, when Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and other artist became famous. The Unique use of Surrealism makes the painting interesting, giving the observers to think and think about the “theme” or the “main idea” of the pieces by making them open ended and mysterious.

Compared to the other successful artist in America, there are a lot of pieces that could claim racism and the inequality against the black people in America.

As he becomes famous and starts to know the wealthy life style, he begins to suffer producing pieces, concluding him to use drugs and other disruptive factor triggering his end of his career as  an artist.